suite_picWhen you sign up for our cat boarding services, your “feline family” (whether you have one cat or five!) will enjoy a private, spacious (7 feet tall) suite, bathed in natural sunlight. Each suite is appointed with soft, comfortable beds at three different heights, a built in hideaway spot for those wishing extra privacy, and a floor to ceiling, carpet covered climbing/scratching post. Of course, each suite is complete with private bathroom facilities. There’s lots of room to jump and play, and most suites offer a direct view of the surrounding woodlands. Additionally, outdoor bird feeders are a continuous source of entertainment.

We encourage beds or linens from home. Soft bedding is provided, but we know how familiar, homey scents can be appreciated. The suites can easily accommodate extra bedding of most any size – up to a queen size comforter. Personal belongings such as toys brought from home are encouraged, especially for the younger guests and are kept in the guests suite.

And to welcome our arriving guest(s) 3 new toys are waiting for them in their suite.

CaptureYou may bring any bedding items – not just cat beds. Other possibilities include towels, blankets, sheets, a piece of your own clothing, etc. Be prepared however for it to be somewhat furry when it’s returned to you; we wash items from home only when they’ve been soiled, so we don’t lose that “homey scent”.




Room service is provided at no extra charge with our cat sitting services! To prevent upset tummies from a sudden diet change, we feed your kitty EXACTLY as you do. Guests are welcome to bring their own food from home as well as any indulgent vacation treat.

We love to give everyone treats, but always abide by the owner’s instructions. If you bring your own food, we suggest that you bring a little extra, just in case you’re delayed in returning home. Nibbling is definitely encouraged!

(Nutritional consults available on request)


Extra Amenities


In addition to luxurious accommodations, cuddles and a relaxing environment, our pampered guests enjoy the comfort of year-round climate control, so that it’s toasty warm in the winter and with central air conditioning it’s comfortably cool in the summer.

For their listening enjoyment, instrumental music plays all day and into the evening hours. Speakers are located throughout the cattery so that no one misses out on the calming music.

Oh, yes, and we live on site so there’s always someone here.